So basically yeah
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SOSA Hunted Gamemode


  • A queue system is implemented, based on the amount of players and when you join, you will be added to this queue to be the hunted/hider
  • Oh cool stuff now, timerbar, used for the initial countdown for the hider to hide/position themselves, final countdown will be scaleform 3,2,1, GO, model.
  • Oop more cool stuff, bam frontend menu, the hunters get to choose there ped of choice and weapons of choice during this time, if you are a donator, then you get more weapons and maybe, just maybe CUSTOM PEDS???!!!
  • Boom game starts, using GetGameTimer not some jank timer function to countdown 3 minutes, could be more. In this time you have to kill the hunted, if the hunted kills you then you get access to the VIP room (aka some IPL I decided looked cool) I also loaded some TV props via CreateObject() for need of entertainment.
  • boom the hider dies, what it do now? All spectators and stuff are added back to queue. BOOM BANG BADA BOP POW, scaleforms, lots of them, it will run through an end of the round statistic wall.
  • Also implementing more menu stuff and how to do stuff because im not good at doing stuff