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title: Civilian Businesses description: Civilian Businesses published: true date: 2020-04-24T18:39:04.568Z tags:

Civilian Businesses

Ever wanted the chance to join a business, or start your own? You now have the chance to do so! Below are a list of the finest businesses San Andreas has to offer!

If you're looking to start your own business, head over to and fill out all information!

Element Performance

We are a tuning company that main focuses on import cars, but we also build dream project cars.

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Vanilla Unicorn

We are the Vanilla Unicorn Stripclub at 053 In Los Santos. We run the stripclub and we give the most realistic experience within the stripclub. We hire the most professional staff to take care of your needs and the most realistic bartenders who knows how the bar operates.

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Pillbox Hill Medical

We are a private clinic that provides local treatment for our patients and provide emergency patients as well.

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The Lost MC

We are a motorcycle club that somtimes does illegal things.

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San Andreas Cartel

We are a Criminal Based Cartel that specialises in Drugs, Own Cluck n Bell as a Cover Business.

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Benny's Autos

When it comes to fine motor works and fine repairs, Benny’s autos is the place to come to; we are a quick working company which strives to give the public of LS quality repairs and car upgrades.

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Pop's Diner

We serve American food and host monthly events to the Petrol heads of San Andreas!

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Echo Valley Railway

Echo Valley Railway focuses on ensuring a safe and reliable transportation process in which people can always trust in.

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Performance Driver Club

We are a small drivers club established in 2020. We want to bring all the car enthusiasts together in one place and to create more scenarios. We will be hosting monthly events such as car shows,car meets and competitions. WE ONLY ALLOW LORE FRIENDLY VEHICLES.

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G6 Gruppe Sechs

Security Service

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International Racing Association

We provide a enjoyable racing experience for civilians

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Downtown Cab

At Downtown Cab, we provide citizens of San Andreas low priced and high quality taxi rides while keeping them safe on the road.

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BurgerShot Corporation

The BurgerShot Corporation is a National franchise specialising in fast food preparation and distribution.

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Vespucci Celltowa Hotel

Celltowa Hotel specialises in offering quality service with rooms at minimal prices.

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