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title: Policies description: Rules and Regulations: © State of San Andreas Roleplay Community Network (SOSA), 2020 published: true date: 2019-08-28T18:08:07.237Z tags:

Rules and Regulations: © State of San Andreas Roleplay Community Network (SOSA), 2020

All the rules provided on this wiki apply to all actions in the “SOSA” Network such as our FiveM Servers, Forums, Discord, and external sites that we use. Failing to abide by these rules will result in a punishment and will be dealt with accordingly.

Any questions regarding these rules should be sent in a private message to Head of Staff (E4).

SOSA's administration reserves the right to change our policies at any time, without notice.

All members a part of State of San Andreas Roleplay Community are, by default, expected to follow these guidelines at ALL times when they are representing SOSA. These rules are to always be followed in game, in this Discord, in other Discord’s, in Private Messages, and other media in which you are representing State of San Andreas RPC.

Policy A: Common Sense

When you are on the server, remember to use common sense. While we may not have every specific rule down in the rulebook, it doesn’t give you the right to try and break the rules by using another method which isn’t stated. If you have to question an action that you are about to do on the server, simply don’t do it or just message a staff member to double check if it’s okay.

If a channel is considered private but NOT classified, the information throughout is exclusive to the members who have access to said channel.

Policy B: Respect All Staff Members

The staff holds an important role in the network, and it’s not always a fun job! Please do not argue with a decision made by a staff member. The decisions are said to be final upon execution! If you feel like you’ve been treated unfairly contact any executives on the discord.

Policy C: Account Responsibility

We have noticed the issue of players saying a family member, friend or stranger has “gained” access to your account. “SOSA” is not held accountable for the security of your account. If a rule was broken action is taken upon your account regardless.

Policy D: Advertising is not Permitted

Advertising other servers on “SOSA” will result in a permanent ban, with no questions asked. This includes sharing IP Addresses, Domains, and even mentioning other server names. This applies to all forms of messages, including public and private chat messages.

Players are not allowed to link or self-promote their social media accounts and pages by advertising them. Anyone without specific permission/rank caught advertising on their twitter, youtube, and twitch will be punished. This includes advertising in your Discord custom status; please be mindful of what you set it to as it is global across Discord servers.

Players caught advertising “SOSA” on other servers will be punished accordingly. This represents “SOSA” poorly and is highly disrespectful to the other server’s staff and management.

Policy E: Impersonation

Impersonating another player or staff member on “SOSA” is prohibited. This offence is taken seriously, regardless of it being a joke or not and can confuse many players on the network.

Policy F: All Staff Members will have the following tags:

Directors will have a “The Directorate” tag.

Head Executives will have a “E4 - Head of Staff” tag.

Senior Executives will have a “E3 - Senior Executive” tag.

Executives will have a “E2 - Executive” tag.

Executive Moderators will have a “E1 - Executive Moderation” tag.

Policy G: Spamming is not Allowed

Spamming messages, commands or emojis on the servers is very annoying for other players and is not allowed. Any players caught spamming or use of excessive caps will be punished accordingly.

Encouraging spam is also against the rules, anyone trying to cause spam in chat will be punished.

Policy H: Vulgar Language and Inappropriate Behaviour is Forbidden

We do allow some faint language, but if it gets to the point where it is directed towards a player or staff member, you will be punished. Profanity is authorised to a certain extent, but once it becomes an insult to other players, it will not be tolerated.

Policy I: Respect Everyone

Respecting staff is one thing, but we want everyone to feel safe and have fun on our network. Anyone caught being abusive or degrading towards a player will count as disrespect and action will be taken towards you.

  • Actions we will NOT allow:
  • No Racism
  • No Sexism
  • No Politics
  • No hate towards Religions
  • No hate towards Disabilities
  • No death threats
  • Or anything that is considered “Discriminating”
  • No DDOS threats
  • No promoting chat spam.

Bullying is also prohibited, it is also a bannable offence. Bullying varies and is up to the executives to decide.

Policy J: Inappropriate Usernames and Player Models (PEDS)

Any players caught with Inappropriate Usernames, PEDS & Nicknames will fall under this.

When reporting a player with an inappropriate nickname, use /report (id) (reason). If there are no executives online, Screenshot the report along with evidence and send it to an executive via discord.

Policy K: Use of unauthorised client modification that gives an unfair advantages over others

The use of unauthorised client modification that gives an unfair advantages over others is not allowed.

Anyone caught cheating in the game will result in a banishment from the server. If you see someone cheating, please gather video/picture evidence and report them on the Discord to an executive immediately.

Policy L: Glitching and Exploits

Abusing glitches in the server is a bannable offence! Abusing bugs/glitches are now seen as a permanent ban if committed more than once. If you know a bug, you are responsible for reporting it in the correct section of the Discord via; #dev-bug-reports, failing to do so will result in a punishment. If you see someone abusing a bug, report them to a staff member or gather sufficient proof and open a new ticket.

Any exploits resulting in lagging or crashing the server is punishable. Anyone caught using lag/troll menus will receive an immediate banishment.

Policy M: Act of Trolling

Anyone caught trying to “troll” members will be punished. As stated in Policy A) players are to use Common Sense when on the server, and messing with other members/ executive members is wasting their time and will result in a punishment. Use of troll menus or mod menus will result in immediate banishment.

Policy N: Chain of Command

The Chain of Command must be followed at all times by all departments incl. civilian operations. You must report any issues etc to an E1 Executive. From there they can report it to an E2 if they are not able to deal with the situation. They can pass it to an E3 and then to an E4 if needed.

Policy O: Removal Of Discord Tags

Leaving the “SOSA” Discord or ‘avoiding the system’ to remove certain tags/roles (Mutes, Suspensions, ETC) is prohibited. Tags are awarded due to breaches of the rules or a certain amount of received warnings. These tags stay for a certain duration and are not intended to be removed until the time is served.

Policy P: High Priority Roleplay including High Priority Cooldown

When playing on any “SOSA” roleplaying server, you are not authorised to constantly roleplay high priorities. Which include, and are not limited to: Vehicle/foot pursuits, kidnapping of department officials including members of the civilian operations, bank robberies. Breach of this policy is a kickable offence.

You are supposed to be roleplaying realistically without spamming calls. Your roleplay is to be as true to real life as possible, with regular day to day interactions with server members. Your roleplay must respect and relate to regular modern society, within reason; see #rules for a list of server/discord rules.

High Priority Cooldown, also known as “HPC”, is a set time, usually 30 minutes, where High Priorities are put on hold and within this time span, roleplaying any high priorities which is breaching this policy, will result in an immediate kick.

Following this policy is a must if you wish to progress within the civilian operations department, breaking Policy P may and will result in civilian operations punishments.

Policy Q: No Drama Policy

Causing and spreading drama which purposely disrupts the community; in any public channel in the SOSA Discord is prohibited and is a punishable offence.

When reporting a community member you shall never use public channels. If you wish to report a community member please either join the “Need Executives” voice channel or open a new ticket.

If you wish to report a department member please follow the Chain of Command of his/her department.

Policy R: No Plagiarism Policy

Using another member's artwork, images, videos and even applications... claiming it as their own is completely prohibited.

Before using another member's artwork/image/video it must be requested from the original creator of the work.

If another member is caught using the original creator's image without their permission it can result in a department strike and an immediate demotion.

If you wish to report a member for stealing your artwork please contact the executives using the chain of command.

Policy S: Documentation

Any and all documentation you make for SOSA, a department, sub-department, division for any department, Executive department etc. is made for the community, meaning the community has all rights to the documentation if you wish to use it for us.

Deleting documents without warning, leaving a department, or subdivision etc left without a document, which could also referred to as going ‘rogue’ is a bannable offence.

You must give High Command at least a 4 day warning gap before removing a document so the document can either be replaced, decommissioned or archived.

Please note:

If documentation is wished upon use of the SOSA Network, the documentation ownership must be placed in the following email: (further notice: emails are not checked on this account, sending any email regarding anything will not be checked.)

Policy T: Misuse of Tags

Tagging groups of people shall only take place when needed, for example, when requiring coaching the trainee may tag Field Training Units, abusing this and “spam tagging” groups of people is prohibited and will result in a punishment.

Tagging or DM'ing directors, developers and verified members is not allowed unless solicited.

Tagging users multiple times in a short time period (“spam tagging”) is prohibited.

Policy U: Favouring for promotions.

Messages in public channels containing something similar or related to ‘#David4E6’ is now against our rules and regulations. This is due to the fact that the said person, in this case ‘David’ would have their reputation ruined as 9 times out of 10 a discussion is usually never a promotion.

Favouring people for intentions of promotions is no longer tolerated.

Policy V: Classification of tickets.

Tickets are classified, any information leaked outside of the ticket will get you banned from the SOSA Network. Breakage of this Policy will obviously lead to banishment.

If an individual in the ticket decides to change the ticket name and it no longer includes ‘ticket’ or ‘classified’ in the name, then the ticket becomes declassified. However, if the ticket does include ‘ticket’ OR ‘classified’, then it is classified. Also, you must not communicate with ANYONE about a ticket, this means via TC or VC. Even if they have access to it.

Policy W: Decommissioned surveys

Making a survey unauthorized by a Director or department head (Comissioner, Chief etc - ‘department’ does not mean ‘subdivision’) is not permitted. No matter what you're “trying to improve”.

Policy X: Use of Player Blips

Use of player blips without being an executive or without the permission of an executive (for example, in locating modders) is strictly forbidden and is subject to departmental punishment or demotion depending on severity.

Policy Y: Maturity

A low level of Maturity within the community's text channels will lead to a instant mute of 1/2hr(s) depending on the severity.

Policy Z: Vetoing Decisions

Vetoing decisions (already decided upon) will be punishable for users who disregard said policy. For purposes of this policy, a decision shall be defined as the following: a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration, by any user, and/or staff member. Decisions created by a member of the Executive Team must not be challenged or modified unless you uphold the position of ‘Head of Staff’. If a decision is made by a ‘Head of Staff’, it may not be challenged or modified unless solicited via a member of the Directorate. This also includes the term ‘pulling rank’ - defined: to use the power that your position gives you over someone in order to make them do what you want.

Policy AA: Development Work

All development work, regardless of the size or time scale, needs to be placed into a ticket to be authorized by the System Administrator. Failure to do so will result in the request being denied. Anything that touches the server must go through a SOSA developer before being implemented. (See second example.) All requests must be logged and processed through Trello. Not doing so will result in the request being denied.

Definitions: • Development work: Anything [being] worked on by the development team in order to push to production (onto a server). • Appropriate parties: Appropriate parties include but are not limited to; System Administrator, Developers, and Department High Command.

Examples (including but not limited to): If a department, (sub)division and/or civilian business is requesting development work which includes but are not limited to vehicles, PEDs, scripts/resources etc, you are required to create a ticket to relay information between the appropriate parties. If anything is being worked on ‘behind the scenes’ with the work being intended for production then this work must be created by a member of the Development Team, otherwise it will NOT be implemented.

Policy AB: Derogatory names

The use of derogatory names will not be tolerated in SOSA. The use of these names itself does not constitute racsim however, incidents will be treated at the same verosity to keep the community as family friendly as possible. The use of derogatory names itself will be punished and context around the word will be ignored. This is to stop people using the excuse of “it was a joke” and/or any other excuses that can be used to normalise the names. This policy will only be enforced for users in game, in the SOSA Discord. Any instances that occure outside of SOSA cannot, and will not, be punished in the SOSA network.

Definitions: • SOSA Network - the various game/discord servers that are officially endorsed by SOSA. • Derogatory names - any names that can be/have been used in a derogatory way towards others. Policy AB examples Some examples of derogatory names include: (but are not limited to) - Nigger - Chink - Retard - Jap - Beaner

Policy AC: Unbanned Members

If a member is unbanned from the SOSA Network they shall NOT receive any Department Roles (excluding civilian - as long they weren't previously HC) upon joining back. However, you will be able to reobtain your VIP roles.

Definitions: • Roles - TeamSpeak and Discord roles that define your position in said Department and permissions in-game.